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Villou from Villars

Who is Villou?
Who is Villou?

Name: Villou

Creator: Derib

Species: red fox

Age: fox teenager

Territory: Villars and the commune of Ollon

Villou is very sociable and he particularly loves having his photo taken with children he meets at the resort, on the ski slopes or in his favourite places.

You will find him at the major events in Villars; he loves meeting the crowds!
He is also a gourmet who likes tasting delicious dishes.


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He likes to have his photo taken with children. Do not hesitate to give him your nicest smile if you see him in the street.


Discover Villou of Villars



Villou becomes a “tourist angel”​​​​​​​


Villou meets Yodli during the Youth Olympic Games​​​​​​​


​​​​​​​Villou takes part in the New Year's Eve grand prix​​​​​​​



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