Mountain guide's office

Although high mountainous areas are magnificent places to be, there are also many tips and pitfalls to be taken into account. If you want to take up the challenge and climb the Vaud Alps, do it with a mountain guide who’ll help you discover all their secrets in complete safety.

Our mountain guides are available to take visitors on a whole range of mountain excursions on or up the mountains, including mountaineering, off-piste skiing and heliskiing, hiking and trekking, climbing, ice falls, canyoning, snow shoeing and so on. Responsible for preparing and leading excursions, for individuals or groups, they share an intense experience of the mountains and nature with their guests, paying close attention to all the safety aspects. Beautiful and intriguing, the mountains are full of amazing places to discover and it’s advisable to do this with a knowledgeable, aware person. Set off on an adventure in the Vaudois Alps, for one or more days, under the safe watchful eye of your guide.