Mines de Sel et Musée Saline de Bex

Top 9 - Bex Salt Mine

The salt mines of Bex

The ideal temperature underground

With temperatures of 18° C in all seasons inside, the salt mines of Bex present an ideal opportunity for a cultural excursion under cover when the heat of the sun is intense.

Immerse yourself in a maze of underground passageways many kilometres long.

The mines have been worked for several centuries to extract the precious local resource of "Sel des Alpes". This salt is used to season your dishes, but it is also to be found in many body care products, or in the healing water of the Riversong wellbeing area in Plans-sur-Bex. 
"Evasion" package

"Evasion" package

Stepping across the void at an altitude of three thousand metres at the Glacier 3000 on the Peak Walk, a unique suspension bridge linking two mountain peaks, relaxing in the warm waters of Bains de Villars or exploring the hidden treasures of the Bex Salt Mines are just some of the activities to do during your getaway in the Alpes vaudoises.

History of the white gold

History of the white gold

According to the legend, it was goats drinking water from a saltwater source who discovered “Sel des Alpes” salt almost 500 years ago. Since then, artisans have gone down into the heart of the salt mountain, the last active Swiss salt mine, in order to produce one of the purest salts in the world.

In parallel with the activity for extracting salt, the tourist site of the Bex salt mines offers you the opportunity to explore the fascinating underground world and discover the spectacular elements and various technical characteristics for mining Sel des Alpes salt, which have been deployed since 1684.  


Climb aboard the little train that takes you into the heart of the Bex salt mines. 

Pamper yourself courtesy of an exfoliation treatment at the salt baths in Villars.

Unwind in a hot water bath at the Riversong spa in Plans-sur-Bex, and enjoy the therapeutic virtues of a saline spring water bath. 

Take a break and sample Sel des Alpes speciality breads from the Charlet-Ançay bakery in Gryon to accompany a fine wine from Salaz Abbey and sausage from its estate. 
The salt on your plate

The salt on your plate

Do you prefer fine salt, “fleur de sel” or salt with herbs? Sel des Alpes is perfect for enhancing your food.

Discover the tradition of fleur de sel, which comes from the rare, fragile salt crystals, collected by hand and then dried on larch wood. Taste the subtlety of the Sel des Alpes collection, and appreciate the herbs, spices and organic cultivation. Several blends mean that all your culinary preparations can be seasoned harmoniously.
For everyday use, season your dishes with fine salt, which is white with small crystals and offers an incomparable texture. 

The salt of well-being

The salt of well-being

"Sel des Alpes" has purifying, balancing and relaxing qualities that make it an ideal base for all types of body treatments that can be found in a complete range of products.
Did you know that in the 19th century, Bex was a renowned spa resort ? Many celebrities stayed in the city of salt, including the writer Victor Hugo and the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

Located at Les Plans-sur-Bex and surrounded by lovely countryside, the Riversong wellness space continues in the region’s spa tradition, creating a haven of peace dedicated to the regeneration and well-being of body and soul! 

The salt trail

The salt trail

Discover the white gold odyssey by following the Salt Trail between Salin-sur-Ollon and Bex. This simple programme covers 12.5 km and can be walked in about 5 hours. You cross gently sloping forests and prairies on the tracks of a former wooden “saumoduc”, a type of conduit, which carried water from the very first saltwater source discovered in Switzerland to the former salt works at Dévens. 
Guided tours can be organised for groups by the Association Cum Grano Salis, which offers a “Journey on the tracks of the white gold” tour with heritage guides in the costumes of the era, as well as a storyteller for the historical sites of Salin sur Ollon or Dévens-sur-Bex on the Salt Trail route.


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