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General Regulations - Villars Sports Centre

General Regulations

Adopted by the Management of the Villars Sports Centre on the 1st April 2017

General regulations for the use of the Villars swimming pool

The swimming pool complex is owned by the Villars Sports Centre (Centre des Sports de Villars SA). The Executive Board manages the installations, which are under the direct supervision of the Director.
It is supposed that anyone entering the establishment will comply with the present regulations and with any instructions given by the establishment’s staff.
Users of the establishment must observe order and decency at all times.
Offenders may be expelled. Depending on the seriousness of the case, the Director can issue a temporary or permanent ban on entrance and withdraw a subscription, without indemnity and without prejudice to the penalty and sanction in any other law or regulation.
For our clients’ security, some areas of our establishment are under video surveillance.

1 Annual opening and closing of the establishment

The management schedules the dates and times of opening of the swimming pool and wellness spa.

2 Daily opening and closing of the establishment

Opening and closing times can be modified at any time.
If necessary, the swimming pool can also be closed at other times.
The closure is announced by the staff. Users then ensure they leave the establishment’s property in due time.
If necessary, total or partial use of the pools, saunas, hammams, relaxation rooms, slide and all other installations may be temporarily limited, without a reduction in the entrance price.

3 Entrance


3.1. General

No one may enter the establishment unless they have a valid entry ticket (ticket, subscription, free pass etc.).
The management sets the cost of entry and of various taxes annually; this is an integral part of the present regulations.
Entrance gives the ticket holder the right to use the centre’s installations until it closes. This must be for an uninterrupted period of time. Anyone leaving the establishment, for any reason, must pay the entrance fee again if they wish to come back in (without exception).
The bracelet giving access to the centre and lockers costs CHF 10. This amount will be returned when the bracelet is handed back in.
Anyone entering the establishment to look for someone must pay a deposit equal to the entrance fee, which will be refunded if they come back within 15 minutes of entering.
By acquiring or using an entrance ticket and thereby gaining access to the establishment’s facilities, the user confirms that they are in good health and not in breach of any medical prescription that forbids the use of such an establishment.

3.2. Reduction for residents of the Communes of Ollon and Gryon

There is a reduction in price for residents of the Communes of Ollon and Gryon, available only on presentation of the resident card issued by the Population Office.

3.3. Reduction for property owners, tenants and hotels in the Communes of Ollon and Gryon

There is a reduction in price for property owners, tenants and hotel guests only on presentation of proof of payment of the visitor’s tax.

3.4. Fraudulent entrances

Any fraudulent entrance into the establishment will be subject to a written statement, signed by the offender.
Anyone caught entering without paying must pay the entrance price plus a surcharge.
The surcharge is CHF 50 for a child and CHF 80 for an adult and is payable immediately.
If the surcharge cannot be paid immediately, an invoice will be sent to the home of the offender, payable within ten working days of its receipt. In this case, the surcharge is increased by CHF 10.
In case of non-payment, after sending a reminder, the Villars Sports Centre will report the criminal offence.
If the offender fails to identify themselves and pay the entrance fee plus the surcharge, they will, as far as possible, be held and the police will be alerted.

4 Cubicles and lockers

Lockers must be emptied of all clothing and other objects at the end of each day.
In the event of non-compliance, the staff reserve the right to open lockers and deposit their contents at the establishment’s reception.

5 Children

Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a responsible adult who will supervise them and be responsible for them.

6 Groups

It is imperative that group leaders and assistants tell the swimming pool attendants of their arrival (max. 20 persons).

7 Lost property

Lost property must be handed in to the establishment’s staff who will take it to the reception.
The establishment reserves the right to dispose of any articles still unclaimed after 90 days.

8 Accidents

Users of the swimming pool and wellness spa are personally responsible for any accident they might cause.
The Villars Sports Centre declines all responsibility for any accidents that occur, whatever the causes and circumstances.

9 Offences and disorderly conduct

The Villars Sports Centre declines all responsibility:
-         in the event of any theft.
-         for any exchange in clothing or any other objects.
Order and decency are required throughout the establishment. Anyone caught performing immoral acts will be reported to the police.
Swimming pool employees have the right to open shower cubicles, lockers, toilets and changing rooms at any time if they need checked.
Any damage caused intentionally will be subject to sanctions. The offender will be referred to the police and any repairs will be payable by the offender.
Any damage caused or observed must be communicated to the swimming pool attendants or the establishment’s cashier.

10 Accident, theft, damage and aggression

Anyone who is the victim of an accident, theft, immoral act, damage to their property, infringement of their physical integrity, insults or verbal threats must immediately inform the swimming pool employees.
We decline all responsibility in the event of damage to or loss of optical accessories, watches, jewellery, etc.

11 Valuables

The Management declines all responsibility in cases of theft or loss occurring within the establishment.
Clients are strongly advised not to leave any valuables in the changing rooms or lockers.
As lockers all have an individual bracelet, the Management declines all responsibility in the event of loss or disappearance of items stored in them.

12 Within the complex

In particular, it is forbidden to:
-         bring in dogs or other animals.
-         enter the water wearing a dressing.
-         push anyone into the water, or dive or jump into the water in places that are not designated for this.
-         use lifebuoys, armbands, inflatable mattresses or anything similar without authorisation in the semi-Olympic sized swimming pool and the outdoor Jacuzzi.
-         hold onto the lines.
-         wear shoes or slippers outside the changing rooms and showers.
-         enter the water wearing sportswear other than for water sports, or wearing swimwear other than the following authorised swimwear:
*Men: bathing suit, swimming shorts (above the knee).
*Women: one-piece swimsuits or two-piece swimsuits which must not extend below elbows and knees. Swimsuits in the form of skirts or blouses are forbidden.
-         wear underwear under bathing suits.
-         wear thongs or monokinis.
-         use diving masks, flippers or monofins without asking prior permission from the staff.
-         eat, drink or smoke around the pools and throughout the establishment (except at the outside snack bar and lawn).
-         play ball games, or any other games involving throwing an object, inside the buildings.
-         throw rubbish anywhere except in the rubbish bins.
-         take photographs or film with a profit-making aim without permission from the Management.
-         use portable devices that broadcast or reproduce sounds, except for those that enable only the wearer to hear (portable audio player with headphones) and those used for official lessons organised in agreement with the swimming pool Management.
-         use private electrical appliances such as hairdryers, hair straighteners, electric razors, hair removal systems, etc.
-         keep a locker for more than one day.
-         spit and chew chewing-gum.
-         use soap or shower gel anywhere other than in the hot showers.
-         use roller skates, skateboards, scooters or any other gear with wheels or similar.
-         be naked anywhere other than the designated areas .
It is mandatory to take a shower and use the footbaths barefoot.

13 Public health

For prevention and public health, it is forbidden for anyone with a contagious disease, especially of the skin, to enter the changing rooms, showers, toilets, baths, saunas, hammams and relaxation rooms, unless written medical authorisation has been given and automatically presented to the cashier when buying their entrance ticket.
For the same reasons, it is forbidden to enter the water wearing a dressing.
Anyone with a history of cardiovascular problems or who has a pathological condition must seek their doctor’s advice before entering any of the facilities.
By acquiring or using an entrance ticket to access the establishment’s facilities, users confirm that they are in good health and not in breach of any medical prescription that forbids them to access such an establishment.

14 Storms and lightning

In the case of repeated storms and lightning strikes that occur close together, the swimming pool staff will instruct users to leave the outdoor pools, the slide and green areas and to not take shelter under the trees.
Once the storm has passed, swimming pool staff will inform users that they are authorised to return to the facilities.
The Management declines any responsibility in the event of accidents due to the flouting of evacuation regulations in the specified areas.

15 Facilities designed for children and small children

It is compulsory to wear a bathing suit or specially designed nappies.
These facilities are not supervised permanently by swimming pool staff. To use them, an adult must therefore be present permanently to ensure the exclusive supervision of the child(ren) they are responsible for.

16 Slides

In particular, it is forbidden to:
- slide standing up.
- go down the slide kneeling.
- go down the slide head first.
- slide on your stomach.
- go down the slide on inflatables, boards or any other accessory.
- hold onto the sides of the slide while you are going down.
- go down in groups.
- form a chain.
-  stop part way down.
-  go back up the slide.
-  walk on the slide.
-  push someone using the slide at the start and/or on the way down.
For your security, you must:
- obey the lights at the start.
- follow instructions given by staff.
- before going down, check that the slide and the area at the bottom of the slide are free.
- once you have arrived at the bottom of the slide, leave the area immediately.
- remove glasses or swimming goggles and any other object that might cause an injury.
-  Adults must accompany small children.
We decline all responsibility in the event of accidents.
If the regulations are flouted, the staff are authorised to sanction offenders immediately, to the extent of expelling them from the swimming pool.

17  Wellness spa, sauna and hammam

The Villars Sports Centre declines all responsibility for accidents that may occur, whatever the cause or circumstance.
Anyone with a history of cardiovascular problems or who has a pathological condition must seek their doctor’s advice before entering any of the facilities.
Saunas cause blood vessels to dilate and anyone suffering from the following is strongly discouraged from using the sauna:
- Hypertension
- Venous insufficiency
- Heart conditions and heart failure
- Cardiovascular diseases
- Kidney failure
- Epilepsy
- Varicose veins
- Asthma
- Contagious or other diseases.
Before using the sauna, it is strongly advisable to consult your doctor.
The following are forbidden from using the sauna:
-  pregnant women.
-  children under the age of 16.
The wellness spa area is a place of relaxation. Users should respect others’ silence and peace. It is not appropriate to disrupt the peace and quiet of this space.
- Swimwear is mandatory
- It is compulsory to take a towel into the saunas and relaxation rooms
- Any sexual acts are forbidden.
Swimming  pool staff can demand that anyone behaving inappropriately leave the establishment. Entrance tickets and subscriptions will then be withdrawn and not reimbursed.

18 Lessons and gainful activities

Sports groups, clubs, companies and individuals who wish to use the swimming pool for lessons or other gainful activities must first obtain prior consent from the Management. Requests must be made in writing.

19 Complaints

All complaints can be made directly or in writing to the Management of the Villars Sports Centre.

20 Jurisdiction

For any dispute, the place of jurisdiction is Villars.
Adopted by the Villars Sports Centre, 1st April 2017



Skating rink rules

- It is forbidden to jostle or push others on the ice.
- Hockey is tolerated at our convenience (depending on crowds) on a 1/3 of the ice, put and remove the yellow toblerones on the blue line.
- It is forbidden to play hockey or skate with a stick outside the area provided for this purpose.
- It is forbidden to go without skates on the ice.
- It is forbidden to drink, eat or smoke in the changing rooms, on and near the ice.
- It is forbidden to go anywhere other than on the ice with your skates.
- For all uses of various accessories on the ice, please ask for authorization beforehand from the manager present at the ice rink.
- Group leaders must accompany and supervise their group on the ice and in the locker rooms until they leave the rink.

Any abuse or non-compliance with these regulations may lead to sanctions or exclusion from the ice for an indefinite period.

We accept no responsibility in the event of an accident.