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Follow Anatole on his bike ride across the Alpes vaudoises

Bike route in the Alpes vaudoises

Meet Anatole

We take you to on a road biking adventure in the Vaud Alps accompanied by Anatole. 

Aged 29 years, Anatole is originally from Les Diablerets. He trained as a gym and English teacher but currently works as a ski instructor. He has also played bass in a music band for several years. 

This is an efficient and low-impact way to get around. The road bike offers an appealing element of speed when going downhill. It is also a great means of testing my physical abilities.

The region where I was born is ideal for going biking as it is never dull. The route switches constantly and alternates between ascents, descents and flat throughout the ride. Your attitude also changes when biking, and it causes me to reflect, make an effort and therefore work on the mental aspects.

En route WITH Anatole


Anatole’s journey

Anatole’s journey

Anatole starts his route from Les Diablerets: a ride of about sixty kilometres that goes in a loop. With a cumulative elevation gain of around 1,500 metres, the highest point of the ascent is Col de la Croix, which peaks at an altitude of 1,778 metres. 

The stages: Les Diablerets - Le Sépey - Aigle - Ollon - Villars - Col de la Croix - Les Diablerets.

The highlights of the route
- The panoramas between the vines and mountains not far from Lake Geneva.
- The many cafés that offer a break along the route, particularly Chez Francine on the summit of Col de la Croix. His advice: enjoy a big slice of the house pie! 
- The final zig-zag of Col de la Croix is Anatole’s favourite place on the course, as the view opens up to all sides and the summit is close by. 

Challenge Strava

Challenge Strava

This challenge is dedicated to cycling enthusiasts who wish to measure their performance on the Col de la Croix ascent from Villars or from Les Diablerets. The aim is to give it your best!
This challenge takes place from 1 July to 30 August 2020.
There are many prizes to be won by category.

  • Register with the Strava club, “Le Col de la Croix”.
  • Ride one of the two segments: Villars - Col de la Croix (7.4 km, elevation drop of 450 m) or Les Diablerets - Col de la Croix (8.0 km, elevation drop of 580 m).
  • Your performance is recorded to establish a classification.


Some excursion ideas on the route

For those who are used to coming in winter the change of perspective in summer is striking!
Eat a fondue in an alpine pasture

Eat a fondue in an alpine pasture

The fondue is a local dish par excellence. Each chef has their own little secret for making it unique.
You can sample it in almost all the restaurants and mountain shelters in the region. 

Anatole recommends taking a break at the Taveyanne mountain shelter near Col de la Croix to try a delicious fondue at the heart of the alpine meadows, in a traditional village with an atmosphere of absolute peace and quiet. 

Set off on a via ferrata

Set off on a via ferrata

The via ferrata is the ideal activity to practise to take to the heights and test your self-control on the rocky faces of Les Diablerets. 

Anatole recommends the via ferrata at Dar, which enables you to pass under the impressive waterfall that runs down from the glacier. 

For those who wish to combine the hike with a via ferrata, the route from Rocher Jaune to the Cabane des Diablerets is a real challenge. This is a difficult via ferrata that is suitable for good climbers who are not easily fazed.