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Villars à la carte

The Villars tourist office invites you to shop locally!

You can buy lovely gifts at a value of CHF 25, CHF 50 or CHF 100 in the form of a prepaid swipe card.
These vouchers are valid with our partner members in Villars (hotels, sports shops, transport and certain restaurants). Discover the full list below.


Do I have to spend the whole CHF 100 with one service provider?
The prepaid “Villars à la carte” works like a credit card. It is quite possible to use it to pay for different partner services provided that there is still credit remaining on it.
How do I find out the balance on the prepaid “Villars à la carte” card?

You can check the balance on your prepaid “Villars à la carte” card at any time, by scanning the QR code on its rear side.
How do I know if my prepaid “Villars à la carte” card is authorised by a partner?
You will find the list of partners at:

What happens if my bill amount is higher than the credit on my prepaid “Villars à la carte” card?
If the amount is higher than the credit available on your prepaid “Villars à la carte” card, you simply settle the different via the means of payment of your choice which is authorised by the service provider.
Can I get the money back on the balance of my prepaid “Villars à la carte” card?
It is not possible for the credit remaining on your prepaid “Villars à la carte” to be paid out. As a reminder, this credit is available up to 15 August 2022.