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Sel des Alpes

How about setting out on an e-bike tour to discover local products from the region? 

Beneath our feet, at a depth of more than 350 metres, the "white gold" has been extracted for centuries: Sel des Alpes.

This treasure remained dormant deep in the rocks of the Vaud Alps for a long time. Legend has it that in the 15th century, a young shepherd who led his goats up onto the hills above Bex was intrigued to find his goats constantly lapping from the same source. When he tasted the water himself, he realized that it was salty.

The discovery of salt was a significant windfall for the mountain people living in the area. Men began to dig many kilometres of underground shafts, tunnels and chambers – the Bex salt mines – to mine the white gold, which was locked deep inside the salt mountain.

Treat yourself to a fascinating and flavoursome visit to the Bex Salt Mines. 


Fleur des Alpes

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The Bex salt mines have been operating since 1684, with salt mining methods continuing to evolve thanks to discoveries and technological developments. Today, 30,000 metric tons are harvested every year. 

Since 2018, the mines also house the Fleur des Alpes workshop to produce gourmet salt. Fleur des Alpes is free of any impurity. This salt, trapped in rock for thousands of years, is 100% natural, additive-free, and rich in minerals and micronutrients. 

The harvest of Fleur des Alpes is entirely artisanal. The salty water ("saumur") is extracted by the miners every day. The salt is then produced by evaporation and packaged for shipping, eventually adding flavour to your foods in the kitchen or at the table. 



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Experience a fascinating journey into the world of the salt mines and discover how salt is extracted with various methods that have been in use for over five hundred years – from the original legend to the last three miners still working today.

The visit starts with an entertaining film presented inside the mine. After that, the mining train will take you into the heart of the salt mines, about 350 metres underground. The journey through rock layers provides insight into the centuries-long technological evolution to extract salt from this salty mountain.

Experienced guides and artisans will accompany you on this sensory journey. After a demonstration of the production of Fleur des Alpes, your visit ends with a tasting of various salt-based products: salty caramels, syrups, chips and assorted organic herb salts.

A pleasant atmosphere awaits you, with a constant temperature of 18 degrees Celsius all year round. Did you know that the salty environment has rejuvenating and revitalizing effects? 

bookable From CHF 14.- / person
Alp Salt Mines

Alp Salt Mines

Located at the foot of the Vaudois Alps, the Bex salt mines receive many visitors each year seeking a unique Swiss experience, ideal for families.

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"Sel des Alpes" has purifying, balancing and relaxing qualities that make it an ideal base for all types of body treatments that can be found in a complete range of products.

Did you know that in the 19th century, Bex was a renowned spa resort ? Many celebrities stayed in the city of salt, including the writer Victor Hugo and the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

Located at Les Plans-sur-Bex and surrounded by lovely countryside, the Riversong wellness space continues in the region’s spa tradition, creating a haven of peace dedicated to the regeneration and well-being of body and soul! 

The Salt trail

The Salt trail

Discover the white gold odyssey by following the Salt Trail between Salin-sur-Ollon and Bex. This simple programme covers 12.5 km and can be walked in about 5 hours. You cross gently sloping forests and prairies on the tracks of a former wooden “saumoduc”, a type of conduit, which carried water from the very first saltwater source discovered in Switzerland to the former salt works at Dévens. 

Guided tours can be organised for groups by the Association Cum Grano Salis, which offers a “Journey on the tracks of the white gold” tour with heritage guides in the costumes of the era, as well as a storyteller for the historical sites of Salin sur Ollon or Dévens-sur-Bex on the Salt Trail route.



A captivating crime thriller to immerse yourself in the world of police inspector Auer.

"On 16 May 1826, Aaron Salzberg gets off the stagecoach on the main square in Bex. He left his native Poland to work in the famous salt mines of the small Swiss town. However, his exile in the Vaud Alps turns into tragedy. Almost two hundred years later, police inspector Andreas Auer answers an emergency call: a man dressed up as a clown has taken several hostages inside the mine, among them a group of secondary school students. The countdown begins. An investigation that goes back to the mines' origins".  
A novel by Marc Voltenauer.


by e-bike to the Salt Mines

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Several rural trails and paths lead you through the Salt Mines and Bex. If you would like to combine sport and leisure, why not choose to visit the Salt Mines by e-bike?


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SPECIAL OFFER : e-bike package

Explore the region on an e-bike with this offer designed to provide fun and adventure for people of all ages. Benefit from the comfort of a bike that enables you to tackle any climb with ease, enjoy free railway and cable-car transport with the Free Access Card and relax in a hotel of your choice at Villars or Les Diablerets.

The package includes : 
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Discover the mountain cheeses

After visiting the Salt Mines, you can set off on a tour to discover L’Etivaz AOP cheese production, which has been awarded the “protected designation of origin” label based on the precise production specification. This is produced in the mountain pastures from June to October, and the milk is cooked over a wood fire in a copper kettle.
This is true savoir-faire to awaken all your senses in the alpine pastures of Col de la Croix, midway between Villars and Les Diablerets.

Discover the vineyards of Ollon and Bex

The savoir-faire of our winegrowers in cultivating the vines on the sometimes steep slopes makes the Chablais wines unique, with varieties of grapes that have fruity and sunny aromas. 

When taking a detour on an e-bike ride, you can go off and discover the best of what the soil and human effort have to offer you: wine tasting in the coolness of a dedicated winegrower’s cellar.