COVID-19 Guidelines for Gryon Shuttle Bus Passengers

Sanitary measures (Mask wearing and ticketing)


From 6 June 2020, the shuttle will restart its runs to Taveyanne and Alpe des Chaux.

Due to the health crisis linked to COVID-19, the following measures must be respected by passengers :

- Keep as much as possible a distance of 2 meters towards the stops and in the vehicle.
- Wearing a mask is strongly recommended, mandatory from 3 passengers or more (masks on sale in the bus).
-The total number of passengers is limited to 11, no passenger can sit in the front.
-For the moment, no tickets can be sold in the vehicle, according to the FOT guidelines. Tickets are on sale at the Gryon Tourist Office. For Free Access holders, they will simply have to show their card to the driver .
-People with symptoms related to COVID-19 or who are ill will not take the bus.
- Disinfection of hands before entering the vehicle is strongly recommended.

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