The FIFAD 2020 will take place!

The International Alpine Film Festival of Les Diablerets scheduled from August 8 to 15, 2020 will take place!

Press release of 8 June 2020

The Mountain is back: the FIFAD will take place!

Finally some good news on the festival front! Scrupulously respecting the standards recently decreed by the Federal Council and the Canton of Vaud, the Les Diablerets International Alpine Film Festival will indeed take place this summer between 8 and 15 August 2020.

The safety of festival-goers and volunteers will obviously be our priority. In a setting that is as safe as possible and as convivial as necessary, the FIFAD Management and Committee unanimously believe that there is an urgent need to recreate social and cultural links in our country. To ensure safety and the constraints imposed by the health situation, the Festival thanks in advance the additional commitment of volunteers.

To compensate for the fact that our screening rooms will undoubtedly have to accommodate a reduced number of spectators, the festival will for the first time be putting on additional screenings, thus allowing a selection of films screened the day before to be shown in the morning. In this way, we hope to offer our festival-goers the opportunity to see or watch again a film that would have been sold out the day before.

In order to be able to follow the OSFP's guidelines and in particular to guarantee the traceability of spectators, they will be invited to buy their tickets online or directly on the spot, at the Les Diablerets Tourist Office.

The security plan is expected to be fine-tuned in line with the new directives that the Federal Council may issue at the end of June. Subject to the authorisations issued by the competent authorities, the main thing is certain: the 2020 edition of FIFAD will take place and is already shaping up to be an excellent vintage. More than 50 films on the programme: the world of the Mountains will be celebrating this summer in Les Diablerets!

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