Dinnertime in the Middle Ages at the Chillon Castle

The new exhibition at the Chillon Castle is dedicated to the art of the table as well as practices and customs of the Savoy Court.

Until 28 April 2019, the exhibition entitled “Mouth-watering: eating and drinking in the Middle Ages” will give the public a glimpse of the recipes of Mestre Chiquart, the Duke of Savoy’s chef. Visitors can also find out why children used to drink wine and what the different classes of society used to eat. They will discover a whole host of historical objects, from dishware to recipes and kitchenware. The focal point of the exhibition is the reconstruction of a banquet in a stateroom.

Conferences and events will offer a more in-depth view of this theme, along with guided tours, organised on the first Sunday of every month (booking required), offering a chance to sample Mediaeval specialities, washed down with a flavoured drink made with wine from the castle.

Chillon has in fact been producing its own wine again since 2011. A Chasselas and a blend of red grapes (Gamaret and Garanoir) are bottled at the castle. The barrels are aged in the first underground room where Bonivard, the hero of Byron’s famous poem, was held in chains.

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