Although mountainous, our tourist region prides itself on its 2 wine-making regions, Bex and Ollon. With their unique climate and geography, these 200 hectares of vineyards are all located on south-facing slopes at the foot of the Pre-Alps.

The warm dry climate influenced by the foehn wind and the rocky terroir, with a high gypsum content, are what makes our wines so special. The majority of our production consists of Chasselas, Pinot Noir and Gamay wines but there are also specialities like Garanoir, Gamaret, Sylvaner and Viognier, along with rosés and sparkling wines. Some of these local wines have even won prizes in international competitions. Many of the region’s wine cellars welcome visitors to sample their wines and the Vine Trail is the ideal way for hiking enthusiasts to explore these sun-drenched terraces and sample the products as they walk.