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History of the landscape of Vallon de NantHistory of the landscape of Vallon de Nant

History of the landscape of Vallon de Nant


In the beginning, there was a glacier. High up in the valley of Nant, there is a glacier coming down to under 2300 m: how did it manage to survive at an altitude from which all its ice cousins retracted?

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Solalex is an excursion destination, a stopover during a walk or the starting point of a hike. It is a must-see place during your stay in the region.
Nature lovers appreciate this place at an altitude of 1460 metres in all seasons. Here, between the Miroir d'Argentine and the Diablerets massif, let your adventurous spirit take over.
In winter, access Solalex on snowshoes, on foot, on cross-country skis or even by sled dog from the Cergnement car park. In summer, you can reach this peaceful place on foot, by bike or by car.
Discover what this corner of paradise has to offer!

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Creux de ChampsCreux de Champs

Creux de Champs

Close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by nature, at the foot of the magnificent Glacier 3000, with the magical atmosphere created by the noise of the waterfalls. Now open your eyes and head for Creux de Champs with its 28 waterfalls, in the heart of this stunning landscape.

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Le Miroir d'ArgentineLe Miroir d'Argentine

Le Miroir d'Argentine


When the sun goes down, the slab takes silvery colors.

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Lake RetaudLake Retaud

Lake Retaud

Les Diablerets

A little paradise in the Vaudois Alps: nestled in a basin on the south face of the Palette, Lake Retaud reflects the blue sky and dark pines in its crystal water.

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Lac des ChavonnesLac des Chavonnes

Lac des Chavonnes


This tranquil mountain lake, perched at 1,690 m. (in the heart of the Alpes vaudoises), offers a unique setting in the heart of the forest. Follow the 2 kilometre path from the "Bretaye" train stop.

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Glacial Pothole of the CaillettesGlacial Pothole of the Caillettes

Glacial Pothole of the Caillettes


The rock walls of the Saint-Maurice gorge have been hollowed out into some very unusual shapes. The Caillette's pothole, a large circular hole, is one of its most impressive examples.

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Géotope du Chablais - AnzeindeGéotope du Chablais - Anzeinde

Géotope du Chablais - Anzeinde

Anzeinde is located South of the Diablerets massif, between Villars, Gryon and Derborence, in the Alpes Vaudoises. Surrounded by mountains, Anzeinde is a wonderful place to hike, between cows in pasture. From the Pas de Cheville, you have a wonderful view over the 4000 M. summits.

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The ‘Pyramides de gypse’ (Gypsum Pyramids)The ‘Pyramides de gypse’ (Gypsum Pyramids)

The ‘Pyramides de gypse’ (Gypsum Pyramids)

The gypsum pyramids are a geological curiosity formed by erosion, near the Col de la Croix between Villars and Les Diablerets. What an amazing discovery to make while out hiking!

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