Fée - Légende des Chavonnes

A land of legends

A fairy, dragon, goblin or imp?

Whether it’s a dragon guarding treasure, imps playing skittles, kind fairies or wicked goblins, the natural features of our region are the inspiration for many mysterious stories…. Intended to explain unique natural phenomena or inspired by true facts, legends shape our imagination and make us dream, at any age…

Legend of the Quille du DiableLegend of the Quille du Diable

Legend of the Quille du Diable

The top of Les Diablerets has always been seen as a dangerous and evil place. Les Diablerets was the Sabbath meeting point for demons, the damned and all bad spirits in general.

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La légende des ChavonnesLa légende des Chavonnes

La légende des Chavonnes

Have you ever heard about the dragon of Lake Les Chavonnes who gobbles up bandits and looters?

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Creux de ChampsCreux de Champs

Creux de Champs

Close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by nature, at the foot of the magnificent Glacier 3000, with the magical atmosphere created by the noise of the waterfalls. Now open your eyes and head for Creux de Champs with its 28 waterfalls, in the heart of this stunning landscape.

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La Cape au MoineLa Cape au Moine

La Cape au Moine

How a monk turned into one of the most beautiful rocks in the region ?

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The fairy grotto of PanexThe fairy grotto of Panex

The fairy grotto of Panex


A cave at the entrance to Panex, in the Prealps, called the Creux d'Enfer or Grotte aux Fées.

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La légende de Plan NévéLa légende de Plan Névé

La légende de Plan Névé

How the green pastures of Plan Névé turned into a glacier...

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The fairies of BretayeThe fairies of Bretaye

The fairies of Bretaye

Where have all the little fairies of our land gone?

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